Wednesday, June 26, 2013


⎥ Sweater: Mum's⎥ Leggings: ROMWE⎥
⎥ Sweater: Dad's old⎥ Leggings: ROMWE⎥
⎥ T-shirt: Rome⎥ Leggings: ROMWE⎥

Leggings are my favorite thing to wear in the entire world. And when they have fun/cool prints on them, they're even better. These awesome leggings I got from an site called: ROMWEThey have crazy cool leggings, and they're on sale for 19.99 right now. How inside is that?! And then best thing, FREE worldwide shipping, no minimum purchase required.

So if you're interested in some cool leggings, then I can recomend that site.
(Btw, no sponsoring! I'm just telling you what I think!)

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