Monday, September 23, 2013


Sweater: ginatricot // Discopants: ebay //  Shoes: converse All Stars 
Knit beanie:

Today's outfit is one of my new faves. An oversized sweater and disco pants, can it get any better. Both the sweater and beanie is from my shopping trip from this saturday. I love everything I got. Some new things for autumn, which is very much here now. And speaking of fall, it's my number one favorite season. The colorful leaves, chilly weather and comfy sweaters. 

There's not much more to say, so I guess I'll write soon!

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Flannel: ginatricot
Nailpolish: H&M "Lollipop lullaby"
Rings: H&M 
Hat & Scarf: ginatricot
Oversize cropped sweater: ginatricot
Pajamas bottoms: KappAhl
I went shopping with my mum yesterday. Usually I won't get that much, but this time I actually got a few good things. Most of it is from ginatricot, which is one of my favorite stores that we don't have any near where I live. So I had to use this opportunity to get what I want. And I did, plus some other things from H&M and KappAhl. The ringset from H&M had 26 rings in it. 26!! Now I'll never be without options for what ring I wanna wear.

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a long time, but school and life has kind of gotten inbetween. I will try to start posting more regulary, but I can't promise anything. There hasn't been to much to blog about, and my inspiration is zero. So I might take this blog down in a few months if I can't find anything to blog about. But for now, here's a new blogpost!

Monday, September 9, 2013


I've started a new thing on my art account on instagram. Basically, I choose a theme every month that will help me find inspiration. And this last month, which was August, I had "Female Youtubers" as a theme. I did three different drawings of three different youubers. Zoella, Missglamorazzi & Macbarbie07. 
 For the month of September I'm having "Instagram" as the monthly theme. I've already posted two drawings, so check them out if you'd like.

Here are the three youtuber drawings. They're in black and white, except for the eyes, which I did in color.
⎥ Zoella⎥ Missglamorazzi⎥ Macbarbie07⎥

Sunday, September 1, 2013


I just edited these three pictures, and I'm actually very happy with the result. There are so many pictures where people make the background black & white, and the person/object in color. But I did something a bit different, I did it the other way around. And I think it looks pretty cool. What do you think?

Today has been a very lazy day so far. Internet and food. The usual. But I'm gonna get up and go for a run later. Gotta excerise to be healthy! And hopefully the weather will stay rain-free until we get home from the run. 
 Monday tomorrow, which sucks. Does anyone really love school? Sure, you have your friends and that cute boy you like there, but is there anything else? I know that school's important, but I still love whenever we go on break. You can't learn "life" in a classroom, can you?