Sunday, September 22, 2013


Flannel: ginatricot
Nailpolish: H&M "Lollipop lullaby"
Rings: H&M 
Hat & Scarf: ginatricot
Oversize cropped sweater: ginatricot
Pajamas bottoms: KappAhl
I went shopping with my mum yesterday. Usually I won't get that much, but this time I actually got a few good things. Most of it is from ginatricot, which is one of my favorite stores that we don't have any near where I live. So I had to use this opportunity to get what I want. And I did, plus some other things from H&M and KappAhl. The ringset from H&M had 26 rings in it. 26!! Now I'll never be without options for what ring I wanna wear.

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a long time, but school and life has kind of gotten inbetween. I will try to start posting more regulary, but I can't promise anything. There hasn't been to much to blog about, and my inspiration is zero. So I might take this blog down in a few months if I can't find anything to blog about. But for now, here's a new blogpost!

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