Sunday, June 30, 2013

Little Mix style~Perrie Edwards

Little Mix style~Perrie Edwards

Since Little Mix is my favorite girl band at
the moment, I devisen to make a collage
series of some of their looks. Their voices
truly are amazing, but their style is perfekt. 

The first collage can you see here. It's one
of my favorite looks of Perrie. Simple and
I hope that you'll enjoy these collages just 
as much as I do. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


⎥ Sweater: Mum's⎥ Leggings: ROMWE⎥
⎥ Sweater: Dad's old⎥ Leggings: ROMWE⎥
⎥ T-shirt: Rome⎥ Leggings: ROMWE⎥

Leggings are my favorite thing to wear in the entire world. And when they have fun/cool prints on them, they're even better. These awesome leggings I got from an site called: ROMWEThey have crazy cool leggings, and they're on sale for 19.99 right now. How inside is that?! And then best thing, FREE worldwide shipping, no minimum purchase required.

So if you're interested in some cool leggings, then I can recomend that site.
(Btw, no sponsoring! I'm just telling you what I think!)

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Since summer's here, it's time for some cozy summer date nights. And to give you an example on what to wear, I've made this collage. 

I'm back from Italy, and I'm gonna start making better, funner and more regular posts. In a very near future I'll be doing a "How I style: Galaxy leggings" and a "How I style: Boyfriend jeans". I might even do a video on the boyfriend jeans, since my first one's gotten so popluar--->
So I hope that you're excited for that, and I'll wish you a nice continued day!

Saturday, June 15, 2013


⎥ Regal Rose Gold Watch⎥
⎥ Silver ring⎥ Eyebrow pencil(H&M)⎥ Rose Gold bracelet⎥

Here are some things that I pickes up yesterday when me and my mummis went to town. The reason we went was because I wanted to try on the watch, and thankfully it was so gorgeous and I love it so much. It's the perfect color, design and size. Just perfect.
And since we went into some other stores I couldn't help getting some other things. The bracalet is from the same store as the watch, the ring is from a jewelery shop and the eyebrow pencil is just a cheap one from H&M.

If the weather is good this week I'll do a "How I Style How-Low skirts" post. But I think it's gonna rain the entire next week, so we'll see when it gets up.

Have a lovley Sunday, and I'll write soon

Thursday, June 13, 2013


⎥ All Star Converse⎥

⎥ Maybelline Colossal Mascara⎥

⎥ pch UVA hair protection spray⎥

⎥ Bra ⎥

⎥ FORMULA 10.0.6 Mud Mask⎥

⎥ Batiste Dry Shampoo⎥

⎥ Mavala "Candyfloss" polish⎥ 

⎥ Galaxy leggings-ROMWE⎥

⎥ Bikini top-H&M⎥

I've seen this TAG going around on youtube, so I decided to do it myself! But instead of making a video ( I make a blog post.
The idea of this is that your gonna pick one of your favorite items of every color in the rainbow(red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo & violette), plus pink and mulity-colored.
I'm very happy with the result of this. For me it wasn't that hard finding a favorite in these colors. Exepct for indigo and violette, where I chose my galaxy leggings. But I think they fitted in perfectly!

I hope you all found this interesting, and maybe you wanna do this yourself? If you do, then link to your video/blog post or just comment your favorites in the comments(duh).
I hope you have a nice day!

Hugs & Kisses
Julia Håkansson

Saturday, June 8, 2013


⎥Kubiss basecoat⎥ Nordic Cap topcoat⎥ Claudia "White"⎥ Loreal Paris "Perle de Jade"⎥ Mavala "Candyfloss"⎥

These nails are so cute and easy to do. You just have to paint small parts the nail in differen colors, and then just add some white lines to seperate them. It's super fun and colorful for the summer, and you can use as many colors as you like. I just used these since I think mint and baby pink look so nice together!
Btw, I'm going to Italy tomorrow with my family(excited) so I can't upload as much. But I'll try to upload at least once, since we do have Wi-Fi in the hotel. So the "Colors of the Rainbow" tag might come up later next week. I just don't have the time to fix that right now.

"Summerbreak, friends, travel and no school. Life's good."

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


⎥ Utility jacket⎥ Mint dress⎥ Silver Regal watch⎥ Shoes & converse⎥ Safe Haven⎥

This has been some of my favorites for the past month. I will continue doing monthly favorites after every month has passed. It might give you some ideas of what products to try, or maybe you'll find your new favorite movie? My favorite for this month was "Save Haven". It's definatly one of my new favorites, and Josh and Julianne are so cute together.

Look forward to "The Colors of the Rainbow Tag" this week, and also some nailart inspiration.

xoxo,  Julia

Sunday, June 2, 2013

•DIY FACEMIST(For the summer)•

This DIY is perfect for the hot summer days when you just want to cool off and give your skin some nutrition. It's cheap, quick and super easy.
All you need is:
•Spray bottle•
And something to pick up the mousturiser with, like a spatula or something like that. I just used a old buisness card.
Just fill up the bottle with some cold water and then add a bit of mosturiser. Put in the cap and shake the bottle until it's all mixed up. There you go! A nice, refreaching facemist that's perfect to bring to the beach or the pool. If you want more moister and less water, just take less water and a bit more of the moisturiser. Done.

I hope you liked this DIY, and make sure to comment your suggestions down below. I would love to know what you want to see more of!

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Hugs & Kisses