Saturday, June 15, 2013


⎥ Regal Rose Gold Watch⎥
⎥ Silver ring⎥ Eyebrow pencil(H&M)⎥ Rose Gold bracelet⎥

Here are some things that I pickes up yesterday when me and my mummis went to town. The reason we went was because I wanted to try on the watch, and thankfully it was so gorgeous and I love it so much. It's the perfect color, design and size. Just perfect.
And since we went into some other stores I couldn't help getting some other things. The bracalet is from the same store as the watch, the ring is from a jewelery shop and the eyebrow pencil is just a cheap one from H&M.

If the weather is good this week I'll do a "How I Style How-Low skirts" post. But I think it's gonna rain the entire next week, so we'll see when it gets up.

Have a lovley Sunday, and I'll write soon

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