Tuesday, July 2, 2013


⎥ Book-"Remember Me?"⎥ T-shirt-Rome⎥ Phone case-Mum's old⎥ Nailpolish-Nordic Cap⎥ Watch-Ur&penn⎥ Sunglasses-Rome⎥

I can't believe that it's already July! Where did June go? We've already been through half of this year. That's just crazy. I even remember when I was so excited for summer, and know it's midway through. Time, SLOW DOWN!! I need summer to last for a few more months before I go back to schoo, so please just slow down a bit. Just a bit.
 But however, these are some of my favorites from this month. Almost all of these things I've bought this month, so that's always fun. I'm so excited about the watch. Can we just say how cute it is? I've been on the hunt for a cheap Michael Kors watch, but they were just not in my budget. And then my mum found this and I just sang "Hallelujha!". I love it very, very much. And the bracelet is extremley cute too. The nailpolish is my cousins, and when I saw it on her I just had to borrow it. And I fell in love even more when I painted it on. It's the perfect hot pink with a purple undertone. Kind of. I guess.

So, that's it. My favorite things of June. For future posts I'm gonna continue publishing the Little Mix collages. I have two different outfits a girl. So keep your eyes open for that. I might post one every other day or so, so that you won't get bored of only having collages. And I'm working on a "How I Style: Boyfriend jeans part 2" for my youtube channel, so get excited for that.

"Write you dreams in the sand and trust them with a mermaid."

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