Friday, October 25, 2013


⎥ MONDAY Flannel-ginatricot  T-shirt-H&M  Sweatpants-TeamSportia⎥
⎥ TUESDAY Dress-H&M  Cardigan-H&M  Tights-H&M⎥
⎥ WEDNESDAY Top-cubus  Disco pants-ebay⎥
⎥THURSDAY Sweater-bikbok  Leggings-Family House ⎥

These are all the outfits I've been wearing this week, except for friday where I wore the same thing as I did on wednesday. And I wore the disco pants on monday as well, but I was to lazy to put them back on...This kind of shows how my style always changes. Girly-tuesday, Edgy-wednesday and Casual-thursday. I can't really put a word for what "style" I have. Put I'm still learning and finding my style. This is just what I like to wear for now.
 You should also know that this is for school, so I don't always feel like putting any effort in my outfits. 

I think I will post a Halloween makeup look tomorrow or on Sunday, so keep an eye out for that. I was so excited when I found the halloween makeup since last year. It still looks pretty fresh, so I'm gonna use it!  

Happy Friday everyone!

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