Saturday, December 14, 2013


1. Favorite christmas movie?
   - Proably Elf :)

2. Favorite christmas color? 
    - White.

3. Are you dressing up or down for christmas?
   - Dressing up. 

4. If you were gonna buy yourself a gift, what would it be? 
    - Maybe a trip, or a kitten ^.^

5. Do you open your gifts in the morning or in the night?
    - Both.

6. Have you ever built a gingerbread house?
    - Yes, last year! And I think I'm gonna do it this year as well.

7. What are you gonna do on christmas break?
    - Read, spend time with friends and family, draw and watch a lot of movies and tv-shows<3

8. What do you wish for the most this christmas?
    - Not to sound cheesy, but I just want to spend the holidays with my family and spread love and have fun.

9. Favorite christmas scent?
   - Oh, that's a tough one! But I do have to say that I love my apple/cinnamon candle. It smells so christmassy!

10. What's your favorite christmas candy?
      - Me and my mum bake a lot of different holiday treats, but if I have to choose one I think I'm going with the "Marianne truffles". They're so good!

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