Thursday, May 23, 2013


*Acrylic paints(in different colors)
*A brush or two
*A clear phonecase

*A creative mind

I'm not gonna go to much into detail, since it's pretty simple to follow the pictures. You just paint the background in one color, and do some fun aztec pattern on top of that. I also added a white circle in the middle where it says "HAKUNA MATAT", which means no worries. It's a pretty good qoute to have at the back of your phone.
It's really easy to do, doesn't take that much time and you can do whatever you like.  A crazt pattern, a drawing, your favorite qoute, color or disney character...The options are endless. Just be creative and think outside the box. And the best part, you will walk around with a phonecase that you designed yourself. It's unique, just like you♡

I hope you like this little DIY! Make sure to comment what you think and send me some pictures on twitter or instagram so I can see your re-creations.

Instagram: @juliahakanss0n

xoxo, Julia

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