Sunday, May 19, 2013

IT'S ART TIME-by Julia Hakansson

⎜ Demi Lovato ⎜ Happy Easter ⎜ Hands ⎜ Alli Simpson ⎜ Pop-art ⎜ Stilababe09 ⎜ Jade Thrilwall ⎜ Little Mermaid ⎜
⎜ Galaxy leggings ⎜
Here are some of the drawings that I've made and posted on my art-account on instagram. Make sure to follow me for more drawings and tutorials---> @creative_drawings_
Also make sure to follow my personal account if you want to see some of my days.---> @juliahakanss0n

I've been into drawing ever since I was little. My grandpa was an artist, and we was a really good one. We have his art put up all over the house. I'm so sad that he's not here anymore, you see, he passed away in 2011. It feels so weird when he's not arround for christmas and birthday parties. Like there's something that's missing all the time. But I'm sure that he's still here, watching over us. Helping me with my drawings and coping with life. I love you grandpa♡

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