Friday, October 18, 2013


⎥ Utility jacket: ginatricot⎥ Infinity scarf: ginatricot⎥ Beanie: ginatricot⎥ Leggings: Family House⎥ Shoes: Converse⎥
⎥ Turtleneck top: mum's closet⎥

We obviously know by now that my blogging hasn't been as good as it could. I've just had a lot in school and no inspiration, same excuse as last time. But I've re-found my inspiration, so now I'm gonna give this another try!
 So to start thing off again, I'm sharing todays outfit with you all. It's a very comfy/casual outfit. Nothing to fancy. I mean, who wants to be uncomfortable anyway? I know I don't, so that's why most of my outfits consist of leggings and a sweater or top.

As you probably can see by looking at the pictures, it was a beautiful day today. Cold. But really nice. Days like this remind of the fact that I love fall so much. It's always been my favorite season. The leaves, the colder weather and the clothes. Also, all the fun holidays takes place in the fall and winter time. Like Halloween and Christmas! Although we don't really celebrate halloween here, I'm still really excited.

Sorry for all the ramble, but I felt like telling you a bit more than just show my outfit. And also, tell you that there are more posts to come! I'm already working on one for tomrrow... AND, I was wondering if you wanted me to do some makeup looks for halloween? I'm not a makeup artist, but when it comes to halloween/costume makeup I love to play around with it.

Okay, bye!

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