Monday, August 12, 2013


I recently tried the new BB-creme from Maybelline. It's the "Maybelline pure BB 8-in-1 creme" in the color light. I do own there first BB-creme, and I really like that one too. It's a bit dark for me though, so I haven't really used it that often. 

The first thing I noticed was that it was very light. Judging by the picture you can see that it's a bit to light for my skin tone, but that's nothing a little powder can't fix! 
 I used my "beauty blender" from H&M to apply the BB-creme. It's very easy to apply and it sinks in pretty good into the skin. I've never come across a foundation or BB-creme that doesn't look "cakey" at all, but if you blend it well this will look very natrual. 
 Since it is a Bb-creme, it won't cover up everything. But I definitely think it covered up most of my imperfections and redness. You can just ad some concelear on the spots where it didn't cover up as much as you'd like. I just applied some concelear under my eyes and on any redness I had.

I wore it for almost an entire day, and I think it sat very good. I had some powder on top of it and I would definitely say that it would last all day on someone with normal skin. Since I have very oily skin it didn't last as good, but for being a BB-creme I think it sat very nicely. 


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