Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Since I'm lacking inspiration at the moment you get a collage with some pretty pictures for now. I really don't have any idea what to blog about, so it would be nice if you gave me some inspiration in the comments. I'm gonna try to post at least three posts a week. Cause I want my posts to be good and thought of, not just something I throw together in five minutes.
 Nail tutorials and some DIY's will come up every now and then, and videos as well. I already have two lookbooks ready in my head, it just has to get a bit colder before I can record them.

Other than that I hope you have a amazing wednesday. I'm going over to my cousin's later tonight with some friends. We're probably gonna watch a movie and have some girl-talk. And soon me and my family are going on a bike ride to this place where we're gonna grill some hotdogs.

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